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Director Profiles

Mathew Casey - Director of Finance

Mathew is an experienced Entrepreneur and start-up specialist with more than ten years' experience in the education sector. Initially involved in the charity sector, Mathew is the founder of Amanecer Fundación de Chile, an international NGO specialising in developmental education programmes throughout South America.

As a founder of Beacon Education Partnership and its predecessor, Mathew has led the development of Beacon's business model which has seen significant growth in a turbulent further education sector.

Mathew has also been able to utilise his international business experience to develop Beacon's international presence overseas which has led the way for Beacon's expansion into China.

Alongside his involvement in education companies, Mathew has also started numerous other companies in a range of sectors. Mathew is currently the Chief Executive of the global political risk advisory firm Pozières Consulting, Chief Financial Officer of Gunn Technologies and Geopolitical Analyst at Wikistrat. Mathew also serves on the Board of Directors of Industry Qualifications and maintains advisory positions with a number of industry partners.

Mathew has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions, start-ups, political risk analysis and project management across a diverse range of industries.


Christian Wilkins - Director of Funding & Contracts

Having led a number of successful Train to Gain consortiums on behalf of Colleges and Private training providers, Christian has an impressive track record of quality training delivery in both the public and private sector.

Christian has been responsible for the setting up and development of three CoVEs (Centre of Vocational Excellence). All three of these CoVEs secured national training contracts with multinational employers.

Christian was one of the founders of the national automotive consortium which was responsible for the delivery of over 70% of automotive apprenticeships in the UK. Clients included VW, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, BMW and Seat.

Chistian has worked with Edexcel in the development of the new diploma units and assisted Automotive Skill (SSC for the automotive sector) in reviewing new education packages based around VAW Hillier's 'Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology' published by Nelson Thornes.

More recently Christian has been involved in a number of successful private sector ventures wthin the Further Education sector both as Director of Beacon Educational Services and as a consultant for other learning providers.






Kevin White – Operations Director

Kevin is an accomplished Sales and Commercial Director with over 20 years’ experience at board level, supporting organisations to maximise their potential.

Having been commercially involved, at board level, with three company formations and subsequent sales and having led two company acquisitions, as well as with extensive experience in the education sector with business to business, government funded services and general public sales at all levels, Kevin has joined Beacon Education Partnership to drive forward a number of key strategic commercial goals.

As a Sales Director, Kevin has managed large and small teams producing turnovers from £1m to £25m. His hands-on experience of strategic development and product launch has lead to significant market growth for shareholders, partners or employers. 

Kevin's specialties include:
Turning opportunities into a profitable reality, Business planning and progress monitoring, Corporate Governance, Service negotiation, compliance and audit, Customer service satisfaction, Strategic planning with target orientated delivery, Sales team development and motivation, Relationship management, SMT and board leadership in both executive and non-executive roles.